CMU’s Student Services Suite (S3) is one of four major enterprise-wide systems at the university. The system is the central repository for managing CMU’s most unique and proprietary academic and student information. The need for a modernized system was evident in their mission to maintain accurate, secure records across the enterprise.

The challenges of working within a legacy application continued to rise, leading CMU to invest in transforming the legacy application into a browser-based suite of applications.  

The approach

As CMU’s strategic technology partner, CGI provided business consulting as the team converted to an agile approach to operations, delivering expertise in agile, scrum, Kanban, and retro implementation to CMU. The group performed enterprise-level assessments of the current and desired state of systems that integrate with the student information system on campus.

Bringing the unique approach to agile transformation to CMU, CGI experts helped leaders consider the team’s tactical business needs, then applied strategic, transformational ideas to meet those needs most effectively and efficiently.

CGI experts provided quality systems reviews and assessments, leadership on agile methodologies and strategic counsel on hiring, change management and technology trends for areas of focus.

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large-scale agile transformations in 3 years
professionals trained in scrum in the past 3 years
CGI has been a critical partner in the strategic redesign of our custom systems and provided a team of collaborative leaders who have enabled our success over the past ten years.

Chris Nolin Director of Enrollment Systems, Carnegie Mellon University

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Key benefits

As a result of this approach, CMU leadership and stakeholders have benefited from the following:

  • Operational efficiency and effectiveness improvements
  • Clearer long-term strategy for the student systems
  • Innovative solutions for the systems’ user interface
  • A more accessible user interface with more meaningful, actionable and available data

This successful agile transformation project led to a more efficient and productive amplification, development, testing, and deployment process overall.


CGI has been a long-term partner to CMU, providing thought leadership and strategic counsel to the university’s strategy for the long-term viability of its systems. CGI experts worked proactively to bring forth new ideas and opportunities for CMU as the teams worked on analyzing system sustainability.

We are committed to helping clients transition to agile operating models. From managing agile transformation projects to providing coaching on agile practices, we help clients use agile to increase competitiveness and efficiencies across their operations.

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