Modern government organizations require purpose-built financial management software with consistent accounting rules, strong internal controls and real-time budgetary data.

A solution that provides a flexible chart of accounts structure without requiring expensive customizations is critical, and state and local entities must partner with providers who have proven success with government digital transformation.

At CGI, we believe state and local governments should not be confined to the rigid structure of commercial financial management software. Drawing upon our extensive industry expertise, we deliver a unified, SaaS financial management solution based on fund accounting built exclusively for government—eliminating the need for customization and lowering the total cost of ownership.

CGI Advantage Financial Management at a glance

CGI Advantage Financial Management delivers a comprehensive set of configurable business functions that use consistent accounting rules across all financial transactions. Capabilities include:

Trusted results

CGI Advantage Financial Management increases efficiencies, provides real-time access to departmental budgets and performance indicators, enables effective control of financial resources and offers the potential to reduce costs while increasing revenue.