State and local governments seek to increase efficiency, transparency, accountability and access to information. However, many struggle with financial management solutions that do not meet their needs, support their business or match their processes. As a result, they face extensive customizations, process modifications and unpredictable costs.

Governments need a solution that provides consistent accounting rules across all financial transactions and tracks and controls both internal and external funding sources. They also need a solution that provides real-time commitment of departmental budgets and offers immediate access to performance indicators.

At CGI, we believe state and local governments should not be confined to the rigid structure of traditional commercial financial management applications. CGI Advantage Financial Management is a web-based financial management solution built exclusively for the business of government, thereby reducing the need for customization and lowering the total cost of ownership.

CGI Advantage Financial Management at a Glance

CGI Advantage Financial Management delivers a comprehensive set of configurable business functions that use consistent accounting rules across all financial transactions. Capabilities include:

Trusted results

CGI Advantage Financial Management increases efficiencies, provides real-time access to departmental budgets and performance indicators, enables effective control of financial resources and offers the potential to reduce costs while increasing revenue.