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Configure your data analytics tools with DAaaS

DAaaS is an on-demand, no-code analytical service hosted in the cloud. Utilizing DAaaS services gives users data analytics tools that can be configured by the user to efficiently process and analyze large, varied data pools. Clients can leverage existing pre-trained models or design new analytical models by snapping artificial intelligence (AI)/ML algorithms without coding. They can easily feed their enterprise data into the DAaaS services to generate accurate, actionable business insights and predictions. Workflows are built using an extensible collection of services that implement analytical algorithms, many of them based on ML and advanced data mining concepts. DAaaS can improve underlying data quality and data merging and allows for enhancement by external curated data sources.

End-to-end capabilities with DAaaS

DAaaS is cloud-based and can integrate with existing infrastructure. It provides data mining, profiling, predictive analytics and ML algorithms to reveal insights effectively. DAaaS allows analytic processes to be run on data warehouses and reduces the need for a sizable team of data engineers and scientists. DAaaS supports AWS, Azure and on-prem services. 

End-to-end capabilities

DAaaS provides data mining, data profiling, data anomalies, predictive analytics, and ML algorithms to effectively reveal trends and insights from existing data sets minus the need for programmers

Cloud-based solutions

Our solutions are entirely cloud-based service with hybrid versions that integrate with existing infrastructure to provide embedded real-time analytics to empower clients to make smarter decisions in real-time.

Collaborative and accessible
Analytics are accessible to any member of a team without requiring a deep understanding of analytics or even of the technology behind it.
DAaaS allows running analytic processes on data warehouses and reduces the need for a sizable team of data engineers and data scientists and also supports AWS, Azure and on-prem DAaaS services and integrates with on-prem visualization tools


CGI Consistent Data Distribution

Maximize and build your data library

DAaaS tools help users maximize their output by providing data mining and basic linear and logistics regression models out of the box. This allows users to simplify their data extract to better understand potential new customers, business value and more.

Technical DAaaS design

Technological advances and business pressures demand shorter response times – making real-time capabilities a must for any modern DAaaS platform. On-premises analytics are typically not focused on real-time insights, making DAaaS systems more valuable to enterprises looking to keep up with these demands.

Traditional analytics functionality

On average, data scientists spend about 50 to 70 percent of their time dealing with data extraction, cleansing, and preparedness before starting to generate any insights. DAaaS saves time and effort with automation.

Data storage and containerization

DAaaS is intended to be a horizontal platform used across sectors. The base storage technology allows users to represent and store different kinds of data, store large volumes of data in a distributed manner, and apply proper data security controls.

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