Using your best guess, what proportion of data-driven decision-making in your enterprise is focused on reducing errors and what proportion on identifying value-creating innovations?

In today’s reality, where change is accelerating, digital leaders recognize the need to sense and respond to change quickly and to design their business and operating models to be agile. It is no longer enough to be the most efficient organization with the least errors; you also need to be the most innovative and fast at creating value through that innovation.

In our white paper, we discuss the three components of our “value in motion” framework:

  1. Starting with the decision-making environment
  2. Accelerating the data-insights-decisions adaptive wheel
  3. Visualizing and simulating decisions

This holistic approach enables organizations to truly identify, execute and realize value-creating innovations to reinvent their businesses for the future. They can improve their operations using insights and use insights to identify and improve innovations.