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October 26, 2023 Join CGI at the DC stop of Snowflake's Data Cloud World Tour to speak with experts about how our insights-driven and outcomes-based approach can help accelerate returns on your investments.

Suren Vardhineedi professional photo
Suren Vardhineedi

Democratizing data for human and machine consumption

July 18, 2022 Data is one of the most important assets in today’s knowledge economy, and most organizations would agree that unlocking the value of their data paves the way for better, smarter and faster business decisions — driving a critical competitive advantage...

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Bharath Gangula

From magic to meaning: Demystifying artificial intelligence for enterprises

May 18, 2022 There is perhaps no emerging technology that has generated as much attention in recent years as artificial intelligence (AI). Over the years, AI technology and underlying machine learning (ML) models are matured enough to be one of the mainstream technologies...

Using your best guess, what proportion of data-driven decision-making in your enterprise is focused on reducing errors and what proportion on identifying value-creating innovations? In today’s reality, where change is accelerating, digital leaders recognize the need to sense and respond...

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Joshua Jorgensen

Your data and machine learning journey, don’t go solo.

April 14, 2022 We live in an age where data is being collected at an unbelievable rate. Moreover, machine learning has transformed from a purely academic and research domain to a powerful tool that is being adopted by industries to help drive key...

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Joshua Jorgensen

The importance of equitable data science

March 15, 2022 One of the most important things we can do is help our communities - it is key to remember that there is a data science community. Today’s big topic is about ensuring equitability for all. As a society, it is...

Drive additional value from your assets Today, electric utilities have to make good on their power grid investments while natural gas providers face increasing levels of accountability due to safety concerns and water/wastewater utilities confront crucial network repair, renew and...