Agencies spend, on average, $800 million a year on call center support. Federal call centers receive a high volume of communications daily via phone, email or chat. With the advent of self-service for traditional help desk activities like password resets and scheduling, more complex customer care communications take priority within call center operations. Often, while live agents are busy talking to callers, others are composing careful responses to emailed inquiries. 

In written communications, composing an accurate, professionally appropriate response can prove time-consuming. Add in the complexity that government call centers face each day—the need to communicate with constituents of all ages and comfort levels with technology. For programs that operate within a global paradigm, the call center must also consider the fact that the customer and call center agent may not speak the same language. 

Applying technology—namely AI and natural language processing (NLP)—can help address these challenges. Download the brochure to learn more about CGI's Atlas360 and its AI capabilities.