Public sector leaders from around the world are getting a crash course in governing in the midst of a global crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency that...

To be fair, there are plenty of i’s in agile: innovation, intelligence (human and artificial) and iterations, to name a few. But the contributions of the individuals on a project...

In my last blog, I wrote about the Public Sector ERP “Era of Cool.” It is incredibly fun to discuss what has now become the art of the probable as...

Can collections ever be easy for state and local government organizations?

John Goodwin
John Goodwin

Sourcing funds for initiatives is often a challenge for government. While the desire for citizen services continually grows, the appetite for new taxes and other sources of revenue can draw...

How 9/11 crystallized the urgency of data sharing

Thomas Krall
Thomas Krall

In a way, you could say my journey to a new career at CGI took nearly 18 years. It started on a beautiful September Tuesday morning in Manhattan in 2001—a...

Public Sector ERP’s “Era of Cool”

Howard Dryver
Howard Dryver

That’s right, I said it: Public sector enterprise resource planning is cool. But, don’t just take my word for it, ask my wife. Fifteen years ago, hearing me talk about...

How data improves public housing administration

Panos Kyrpianou
Panos Kyprianou

Affordable housing programs help millions of Americans keep a roof over their heads. Effective administration of these housing programs relies on gathering and analyzing a wide range of data from...

Should you be worried about missing out? Six key principles that can help relieve a government CIO’s FOMO

Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly

With ever-changing leadership techniques, delivery methodologies, and technological innovations, it can be difficult for the modern CIO to keep up. Are you missing something that will make a difference in...