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It wasn’t too long ago that most government agencies used a simple strategy to keep citizens compliant with things like paying taxes, appearing for jury duty or maintaining licenses: remind...

Building economically strong and vibrant communities is a complex task that requires both civic and corporate leaders to join forces, with each serving as bridge builders for growth and opportunity.

LEaRN is a smart community initiatives that pairs Louisiana Consolidated Government with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and CGI. LEaRN is working to deploy 300 low-cost air quality sensors...

While there is a treasure trove of digital technology that can be infused into government services, doing too much too soon often leads to disappointment, sometimes with costly consequences.

Natural and man-made emergencies take a significant toll on communities across the globe. In the U.S., these events have included devastating hurricanes, floods, environmental disasters and even economic crises. Hurricanes...

Security challenges of unmanaged innovation in future cities and regions

cybersecurity practice
CGI’s Cybersecurity Practice

This blog post discusses how unfettered access to cloud applications for local government innovation initiatives could also give rise to shadow IT that increases complexity, costs and security risks.

Cybersecurity: Actions to take for elected officials and agency heads

Jim Menendez
Jim Menendez

Elected and appointed officials take an oath affirming their willingness to undertake the duties of their office. The intent is to swear they will do the “best they can” to...

10 cybersecurity questions for elected officials

Jim Menendez
Jim Menendez

This blog post presents 10 questions every elected official should be asking about cybersecurity in their jurisdiction.

Cyber dashboards demonstrate value to executives

Jim Menendez
Jim Menendez

Organizations can spend a lot of money on cybersecurity, where the people, processes and tools all need to work together. Cyber threats are constantly changing, which means toolsets are changing...

Shared services are an effective means to innovation and savings

government practice
CGI's Government Practice

In private industry, shared services are common and widely accepted. Even very large companies can have single administrative processes and systems supporting billing, procurement, human resources, training and finance, as...