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Editor’s note: As part of our series spotlighting our onshore delivery centers, we reached out to a handful of the CGI members featured in our new videos. We asked them to share their experiences and expand on the story you see on screen. Here, Anne Swanson, who leads our STEM@CGI program, shares what makes her so excited about her work of broadening technology literacy in – and beyond – her community.

I’ve experienced so many great moments in building out the STEM@CGI program that it’s hard to pick a favorite. But there is a moment in the video below that embodies everything that the program is all about. Thirteen-year-old Zarie, shares that she was scared when she first signed on to build an app with her Congressional App Challenge team, but after a few meetings she started to get the hang of it, and in the end they created a good project. Zarie’s CGI mentor Terysa, describes the process of the students growing in knowledge week after week and getting more and more skilled and confident at each meeting. Moments such as these are the reason I’m so excited to go to work every day.

Watching someone who may have been unsure of their capabilities discover their power – like seeing that lightbulb go off in their heads that says “I can do this” – is incredibly rewarding. It’s also an important part of how and why we engage with our communities through STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. We want to ensure that all students have equal access to STEM careers. We know that we have a workforce gap in the technology industry and that women and minorities are woefully underrepresented. We know that in order to build the best products for our clients we need a skilled workforce that reflects the communities where we live and work. STEM@CGI is CGI’s corporate commitment to building a diverse and robust future IT talent pool.

In the process we get to hang out and learn with great kids like the ones featured in the video, which is more than it’s own reward. We hope you enjoy the story of our, and more important, the students’ journeys.

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Anne Swanson

U.S. Education & Workforce Development, Manager

Anne Swanson connects good people with each other. Professionally, she does this by working as CGI U. S. Education & Workforce Development manager where she leads the nationwide STEM@CGI program. In 2016 she led the CGI U. S. team that won one of the 7 ...


So proud of you Anne!

Submitted by Darline Laughlin on March 22, 2019

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