Digitalisation in Asset Finance

Adam Kobeissi discusses how digitisation can help with customer demands and digital customer experience.

Driving change

The increasing pace of digitalisation, alongside changing market and regulatory dynamics, requires asset finance providers to take a more agile, customer-centric approach to remain competitive.  Whether it be engagements around equipment finance, consumer finance or mobility services, the need to reinvigorate both the customer and employee experience has never been more important.

Our Asset Finance experts have deep industry experience and deliver innovative technology solutions and consultancy services that help our clients build adaptive business models and supporting digital ecosystems.




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Business Model Evolution


Growing business propositions to create a more agile business model

The increasing pace of change of business and technology landscapes needs business models that can adapt. Most Asset Finance organisations are still constrained by legacy systems and processes.

We help our clients build flexibility, agility and resilience by delivering new digital transformations while addressing legacy to accelerate their ability to change and grow new business propositions.



Evolving your asset finance and mobility business models

Our Advisory team can guide you on how to develop your offerings to incorporate the changing market needs tailored to your customer’s demands and expectations. This can cover business models such as mobility and subscription as well as expanding into the used car market.

Define your customer journey

Our experienced teams support your business in understanding your customer journey by conducting current state assessments of customer touchpoints and creating enterprise-level roadmaps to align customer experience improvement projects with business goals.

Deliver successful and sustainable business change

We help clients develop and implement the appropriate operating models and organisational change processes to effectively transform the way their organisations work. Starting a positive cycle of change with CGI will build momentum and enthusiasm throughout your organisation, leading to greater success as your change project moves forwards.

Scale your ability to deliver change

We deliver, high-performing, fully autonomous teams, focused on business success as the ultimate indicator of value, quality and predictability. We enable teams to adapt their organisational culture, to adopt the right solutions and create the right environment. This will allow you to focus on developing new products and services and create enhanced competitive advantage.


Digital Partner Ecosystem

Building a more agile business using composable architecture and third-party providers

The next generation of asset finance and mobility businesses will be designed as digital platforms able to rapidly re-configure new services and products and distribute them quickly and efficiently across multiple channels.

We help our clients design adaptable architectures using a mix of our own IP and components along with partner solutions to create responsive business models.



Creating seamless customer journeys

Our Asset Finance and Mobility specialists conduct current state assessments of customer touchpoints and create enterprise-level roadmaps to align customer experience improvement projects with your business goals.

Benefit from the wider eco-system through targeted integration

IT teams are under increasing pressure from the business to deliver increasingly more complex solutions for a lower cost and in reduced timescales. CGI support clients by provide seamless and secure integrations from the back office through to the front office. This includes integrating critical data coming from traditional sources as well as emerging ones, such as the Internet of Things and social media.

Maximise business processes through orchestration

Business operations need to be empowered to utilise an IT landscape where customer, partner and internal applications communicate to provide a cohesive and effective business solution. We help clients orchestrate application building blocks to create business solutions and promote a plug and play environment. This allows clients to benefit from integration, automation and maximising their existing system landscape.

Designing solutions to meet your business needs

Using our own IP and our Partner ecosystem we can design and create solutions to address specific problems within your business more quickly and flexibly. We have a number of pre-defined solutions available designed for the asset finance and mobility market:

  • CGI AFS360 - a cloud hosted customisable digital leasing and financing platform providing greater customer insights and faster integrations.
  • CACS X for collections - an intuitive, modern and robust collections solution that can deliver value in as little as three months.
  • Intelligent automation – we help clients identify and apply the right automation technologies to advance their digital agenda—from RPA to algorithmic automation to AI.
  • Conversational AI - we empower you to provide human-level, effective conversational interactions and cross-channel experiences, faster, with consistent quality and deeper insight, all while reducing costs.
Operational Excellence

Increasing value of insight by augmenting customers and staff experience with technology

Digital leaders are already delivering always-on customer service models, with automated  services available 24 hours a day.

We design new service models using a mix of intelligent process automation, smart agents and advanced analytics to make human interaction more engaging.




Accelerating your Digital Journey

From generating ideas and building strategies, to transforming operating models, we collaborate with you at every step of your digital transformation journey, and we’ll support you in future-proofing your business models creating a path for future growth that’s sustainable.

Meaningful Interactions, automated

Our Conversational AI practice will enable you to rapidly deliver customer-centric experiences that blur the lines between human and automated interactions. We empower you to achieve hyper-automation and provide seamless cross-channel experiences, improving flexibility, presence and efficiency for both your customers and employees.

Optimising Customer service with Intelligent Automation

Clients are working with us to move beyond their initial RPA implementation to use Intelligent Automation. We are creating engaging customer and staff experiences and freeing up staff from manual processes, to focus on what matters most. 

Moving Beyond Documents

With new document processing automation, using machine learning capabilities, we’re able to reduce manual document processing. Through automating and improving workflows we can help you reduce cost, mitigate risk of human error, improve processing time, and generate an enhanced user experience.




Promoting visibility and efficiency through ESG data insights and reporting

Whether it be through funding renewable energy sources, supporting the circular economy or helping fleets transition to electric vehicles, Asset Finance in particular plays a big role in our global drive towards a sustainable future.  

With increasing governmental, consumer, and wider stakeholder pressure for both sustainable operations and financing, the next few years will see great changes in the sustainable regulation space, all of which must be underpinned by environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.



Embracing alternative Fuels for your Fleet

We provide a range of services for fleet service providers to diversify their business, improve customer experience and increase profits. We offer a range of services that support your business that assess your EV readiness whilst also providing tailored solutions, utilising our eco-system of partners, to support fleet service providers who are looking to enter new markets or transform existing legacy solutions.

Advancing sustainable IT

The use of Green IT minimises the impact on climate by reducing carbon emissions and consumption of energy and raw materials. We help clients adopt eco-friendly solutions, that also helps them reduce costs.

Aligning your reporting requirements with Scope 3

We work with our clients to identify the set of metrics they need to track, and source accurate data to help our clients achieve their strategic sustainability goals. This includes supporting with ESG reporting and taxonomy with a focus on tracking and monitoring your asset reporting to ensure you’re in line with Scope 3.

Assessing your Sustainability Maturity

We are recognised as leaders in the corporate sustainability space, and we can help you understand where you are on your sustainability journey. We know that your sustainability journey is unique to your organization so we can support you by providing a sustainability maturity assessment where we help you evaluate where you are and where you want to be, we can identify your business needs, gaps and themes. To help you create a practical sustainable roadmap of opportunities, prioritised by business value and feasibility.

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Value Driven Data


Creating new customer value and services by treating data as a product

Insight from new data sources and flows will be a key differentiator to better understand customers and the value the data can bring. As a trusted analytics partner providing end-to-end capabilities, we start with an idea, help turn that idea into action, and then scale it.

We leverage over 20 years of experience in asset finance platforms and services, plus telematics data and geographical data systems, 5G and IOT, backed by a history of creating data exchanges to help clients create insight driven operating models and enable them to act based on actual and real time data over estimated information.


Assess your data assets to maximise their value

Data and information strategies are a key element for any business and our Enterprise Information Landscape consultancy will chart and assess your data assets, build a strategic information roadmap and help define priority value areas and recommendations.

Harnessing the power of real time data

By using data provided through telematics, satellite systems and geospatial data, we can help you automate business processes, driving new revenue streams, better responding to consumer demands, increasing compliance, strengthening security and reducing costs. We also provide our own solutions to accelerate your ability to harness this streaming data - GeoData360GeoApp , SensorInsights 360 as well as

Advancing your data insights

Through our  Advanced Analytics Services, our teams are able to help you modernise how you analyse your data and apply the insights. We utilise experienced resources to augment your own team with additional skills in data science and engineering.

Reporting on business data

Our comprehensive methodology for analytics projects ensures we can deliver business critical insights within time and budget. Descriptive analytics delivered through best–in-class BI tooling, to create intuitive reports which promote a self-serve insight culture in a business


Operational Resilience


Building a business with resilience and digital assurance built in, not bolted on

Emerging open business models with 24-7 customer self-service and a reliance on cloud services requires a new way to consider the security and resilience of your business and data. To protect reputation, security must be built in, not bolted on.

We leverage our depth in security assurance, used to protect critical national infrastructure, to help you manage complex security challenges with a business focused approach – protecting what is most valuable to you. We can provide the support for you to operate your cloud first open business with confidence.


Asses the risk

Helping you assess and manage security vulnerabilities so you can be confident your organisation is secure, complaint and ready to grow.

  • Compliance
  • Cyber security strategy
  • Threat, vulnerability and risk assessment
Protect the business

Helping you build in security early and test its ongoing effectiveness – securing the systems your business relies on to operate and grow.

  • Compliance
  • Cyber security strategy
  • Threat, vulnerability and risk assessment
Operate with Confidence

Helping you monitor, prevent and respond to security attacks in a reliable and cost-effective way.

  • Incident Response and Mediation
  • Advanced Threat Investigation
  • Protective Monitoring Services
Digital DevOps

We have developed a comprehensive approach and methodology to support our clients’ digital DevOps journeys, providing the appropriate advice along the way to ensure their operations reap the benefits of an effective DevOps transformation.



Mobility services

At CGI, we believe mobility is at the heart of driving real sustainable change, and consumers shouldn't have to choose between convenience and a clean environment.

Legislation, sustainability targets and an increased focus on delivering exceptional standards of service are driving fast paced change across the sector. CGI’s mobility experts are here to help you navigate these changes. Our business consulting and technology solutions consistently deliver improved profitability and efficiency, as well as an enhanced customer experience.

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    We are actively developing solutions and providing consulting for key areas important to the mobility sector:

    • Agency model evolution and omnichannel sales
    • Leveraging telematics data for improved fleet management
    • Usership models such as vehicle subscription and flexi-rental programmes
    • Residual value optimisation


    As associate members of the BVRLA, we are proud to be working with several influential stakeholders across the fleet, rental, leasing and automotive industries to leverage new technology and deliver innovation. 


     Siemens Managed Credit solution


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    Siemens Managed Credit solution

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    Leverages CGI’s Open Banking solution Ordo, to provide energy suppliers with a payment option that reduces both the cost and risk associated with traditional payment options.


     CGI and SMMT new Vehicle Safety Recall Service


    Electric vehicle being charged


    SMMT has partnered with CGI to build and run a new Vehicle Safety Recall Service, resulting in better safety measures and compliance in the auto industry.