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In all sectors, our customers are facing increasing demands for frictionless and personalised experiences. Scaling capabilities and resources to meet these new demands requires innovation, and that’s where CGI Conversational AI practice really excels.

Our team of experts provide the strategy, systems, processes and tools you need to automate your conversational and intelligent automation capabilities. We empower you to provide human-level, effective conversational interactions and cross-channel experiences, faster, with consistent quality and deeper insight, all while reducing costs.

Clients leverage our unique conversational design framework to meet increased sales and customer service expectations and address industry-specific needs in every sector:


Conversational AI in action

In the year to November 2022, 15 million GP appointments were recorded as unattended with each missed appointment costing the NHS an average of £30.

This waste could be drastically reduced if patients could easily cancel, reschedule and confirm hospital and GP appointments with an instant text message.

This video shows how easily that could happen using Conversational AI.


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From our podcast

Hear from our Conversational AI experts as they explore various topics that form the foundations of building a great bot. Cheryl, Adam, Chidi and Kate explore why Conversational AI is important, how to build a great bot, and address the challenges of bot development.

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Conversational AI brochure

In a digital society people are connected 24/7 and expect to do what they want. Our Conversational AI practice provides the strategy, systems, processes and tools you need to automate communications and provide human-like conversational interactions while reducing costs.


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Solving customer contact centre challenges with Conversational AI - Whitepaper

This whitepaper examines the future of contact centres - how can Conversational AI help transform them from a necessary cost to a revenue generator for the business.


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