Earlier in this series we talked about the importance of connecting systems for automation to result in outcome-based customer interactions, and in this podcast, our experts talk about the importance of redefining processes in a way that takes advantage of the benefits that automation can bring.

Many processes were quickly moved online, digitised, during in the pandemic, but there are still many business processes that need to be fully digitalised. To truly change work and improve efficiency, processes need to be assessed, re-imagined and automated as much as is valuable.

Automated processes that weren’t previously possible or feasible are now happening and are bringing value, through the combination of Conversational AI with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). As an example, by linking with RPA to handle emails, we reduced the time HR staff spent handling referrals each week from 25 hours to just 30 minutes.

If you would be interested in finding out more about how Conversational AI can work for your organisation please contact our expert Cheryl Allebrand. You can also listen to our earlier episodes in this series on the links below.