With CGI's Digital Workplace we deliver secure access to applications, workplaces, data and services accessible from any device, at any time, at any place for your employees.

Our solution is optimised to meet the performance, security and mobility requirements of your organisation, offering a complete end-to-end service delivery of the Digital Workplace environment to each of your employees.

CGI’s Digital Workplace solution offers our clients these key benefits:

  • Access to all applications, data and even personalized desktops from any corporate or Bring Your Own (BYO) device
  • Connection to legacy apps from the latest desktop operating systems
  • Reduction of data loss and leakage
  • Retention of talent through an agile working policy
  • Reduced operational expenditure used to support a flexible workforce
  • Empowered employees with new ways of working remotely
  • Safeguarded company data
  • License compliancy
  • Controlled risk associated with kit accidentally left in public places.