Our membership culture is one of our most defining qualities. Now, more than ever, we are drawing upon the strength of the CGI culture to help us navigate the current challenges for our members.

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation for us all. It presents a number of health and wellbeing challenges that we must learn to adapt to and cope with while we work remotely from home.

In the UK, we have grouped these challenges into themes. They include:

  • Staying connected and social
  • Building and maintaining engaging teams and collaboration
  • Maintaining good mental health
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Maintaining good physical health
  • Ensuring good ergonomics and posture
  • Balancing work with responsibility for dependants
  • Establishing new routines to integrate home and work life.


In order to support our members during this time, our health and wellness program, ‘Oxygen’, has created a campaign called ‘#InThisTogether’. The campaign aims to:

  • Foster a sense of community during remote working and social distancing/isolation
  • Bring together new/different ideas or ways of working: tools, tips and resources
  • Be member-driven, with encouragement to share personal tips and testimonials on how our members are coping and adapting.

If something works well for one of our members, it can work for someone else too; we actively encourage sharing via the dedicated hashtag #InThisTogether.

Stay Home. Stay Connected.

Each week, we take one of the health and wellbeing themes and support our members through:

  • Supportive information: educational articles, news updates, our ‘Wellbeing Thought of the Week’ pack and more
  • Multimedia content, such as our ‘Know-How’ Webex calls or online videos
  • Resources, tools and apps
  • Discussion and connectivity via our internal platform, ‘CynerGI Conversations’.

In the past few weeks, the campaign has facilitated understanding, empathy and support among members during this time of change. It has enabled our members to appreciate that others are facing the same challenges and that it’s okay to require more flexibility than usual.

We are sharing with, and supporting, each other up and down the country as we all learn different ways of working and adapting. And through our collaborative approach to adapting, evolving and building on our emotional resilience, we become stronger, both individually and as a team.

For more information about joining our UK team, please visit our careers page.