Cyber security training in an escape room

Security is everyone’s responsibility. Most employees mean well but don’t fully understand their cyber responsibilities and how their actions can leave an organisation open to cyber-attacks. CGI Cyber Escape 2.0 is a new immersive experience that teaches participants the basics of cyber security in a fun, memorable escape room setting. The cyber related challenges encourage collaboration and teamwork while educating participants about potential cyber security risks, how to keep information and assets safe, and reduce the impact of a cyber-attack.

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What to expect

Groups of up to 6 people will have 50 minutes to escape by working together to discover clues, solve puzzles, and decipher riddles. A dedicated CGI Games Master will facilitate the whole experience. 

CGI Cyber Escape 2.0 is built inside a shipping container which is currently touring the UK. It can be delivered to secure site in a location that suits you. Review the specifications and site requirements.

CGI Cyber Escape Illustration


Community groups, students and CSR

CGI Cyber Escape 2.0 is also available for schools, colleges, universities and other community groups and organisations. The experience can be adapted to suit a variety of age groups, from secondary school students to adults. Children aged 11-13 years (Year 7 & 8 in the UK and S1 & S2 in Scotland) must be supervised by an appropriate adult.

We’re also happy to work with companies to support their own social value activities and community outreach programmes. Suitable sites can host the Cyber Escape for extended periods, allowing organisations and the surrounding community to experience the challenge.

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Cheshire 15 - 19
Merseyside 22 - 26
Widnes 29 - 30
Widnes 1 - 10
Stafford 13 - 17
Warwick 20 -24
Aberystwyth 3 - 7
Corsham 10 -14
Shrivenham 17 -28
Berkeley Green 1 - 12
Bude 15 -19
Wales 22 - 26
Chippenham 29 - 31
Wyton 5 - 9