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Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Suite

CGI’s Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Suite is a business tool box that can be applied as an entire suite or as individual components. It offers organizational control over asset, work, resource and field processes and provides for the collection of critical operational data. 

Central Energy Management System
A smart grid management system that limits power grid imbalances by monitoring home energy usage to help residents make better choices with regard to their energy consumption.
CGI Advantage360®
CGI Advantage360 is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that expedites delivery of CGI’s world class government ERP capabilities at a lower total cost of ownership.
CGI Atlas360
For organizations seeking to reduce costs and increase agility in their worldwide operations, CGI Atlas360 provides a cost-efficient, global contact center network leveraging fully integrated Software as a Service (SaaS).
CGI Case Management solution
CGI’s Case Management solution automates and transforms case management, driving efficiencies, flexibility and enhanced customer service.
CGI CommunityCare360
CGI CommunityCare360 is a modular solution that connects patients, primary care physicians, case coordinators, work coordinators, extended care teams, mobile care providers, first responders, administrators and managers.
CGI OnCue360
CGI OnCue360 is a mobile regulatory enforcement and field data collection solution that enables organizations to improve decision making and workforce productivity.
CGI Participation Next
Participation Next enables tangible demonstration of citizen participation. This innovative platform helps municipalities connect citizens, organizations and local initiatives based on their interests, connections and location making participation easier and more fun.
CGI PragmaCAD Mobile Workforce Management

Provides accurate and efficient mobile resource forecasting, scheduling, dispatching and communication for guaranteed improvements in service availability, field productivity, and cost savings.

CGI PragmaLINE Outage, Network and Storm Management
Minimizes the disruption and cost of power outages by automating and optimizing outage detection, reporting and restoration processes
CGI Sovera ECM Suite
Overview of CGI Sovera ECM solutions and services for the healthcare provider marketplace.
CGI Unify360
CGI Unify360 provides the unified IT platform, consulting services, frameworks and practices needed to understand an organization’s entire IT portfolio, create cohesive strategies that align IT to business objectives, and maximize IT investments as a result.
CGI's Merlot Medi for emergency medical care management
CGI's Merlot Medi system enables fast information sharing between hospitals and personnel at the scene of an accident, as well as more efficient emergency interventions. It was developed with direct input from medical care professionals to create a management and reporting system tailored specifically to their needs.
Charge-Point Interactive Management System
A smart grid management system that limits power grid imbalances by monitoring home energy usage to help residents make better choices with regard to their energy consumption.
Exploration2Revenue (X2R) Business Suite
CGI’s Exploration2Revenue™ (X2R) Business Suite is an integrated portfolio of solutions and services designed for managing the oil and gas upstream back office for North American operators with greater agility, insight and cost efficiency.
Momentum for federal ERP
CGI's ERP solution built specifically for U.S. federal agencies.
Patient SafetyService
CGI’s Patient Safety Service provides a comprehensive electronic dashboard of adverse events affecting patients in the course of treatment.
Pro Logistica
CGI’s Pro Logistica is a retail solution for onboard sales in airline and railway services.
Renewables Management System
An integrated technology platform that centralizes and optimizes the operations of renewable energy producers, providing extensive real-time monitoring, control and operational performance management capabilities.
SIGMASIGMA is an award-winning system that provides railroad administrators an extensive geographic overview of tracks and their surroundings.
A comprehensive meter data management (MDM) platform to help utilities benefit from the all of the advantages of smart meters, including improved efficiencies, customer service and profitability.