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Creating sustainable manufacturing operations hinges on an effective energy. This article provides key highlights on how the energy transition is driving change in manufacturing.

A digital factory also called the “factory of the future,” is central to manufacturers’ digital transformation journey. It offers numerous benefits; however, transforming the factory floor and operating holistically is not without its challenges. In a keynote at the Power...

Manufacturing is at a turning point. This article provides key highlights from the opening plenary session of the Power of Unified Manufacturing event.

The accelerated drive to net-zero is fueling adoption of sustainable energy sources and technologies. This includes greater use of renewable energy, the development of new energy ecosystems, and installing smart meters to better analyze energy consumption data.

CGI and Persefoni have teamed up to provide business and government clients with climate management and accounting technology, integrated data management, and consulting services to help with the fight against the global climate crisis.

CGI’s rooftop solar energy generation calculator helps improv environmental sustainability by providing utilities, governments and other organizations with precise data, using advanced satellite, geospatial and utilities-industry technology.

In the UK, we are joining forces with marine conservation charity, Project Seagrass, to advance the understanding and future conservation of seagrass ecosystems, one of the UK’s most promising carbon sinks.

In a recent webinar we hosted with Swedish steel manufacturer Uddeholm, experts from both companies discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) can address sustainability challenges in manufacturing.

Six years after 196 parties signed the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, is believed to be the best last chance to accelerate our collective response to limit global...