Research firm recognizes CGI for ESG data management, IT infrastructure, energy transition and digital sustainability advisory

Leading organizations understand that creating value for stakeholders requires embedding sustainability into how they manage their operations. This includes the use of sustainable IT, also called green IT, which minimizes the impact on climate and biodiversity of IT manufacturing, use, management, and disposal, by reducing carbon emissions and the consumption of energy, water and raw materials.

Accelerating sustainability with and for IT

CGI helps clients simplify the complexity of green IT approaches to advance their ESG goals and comply with growing regulations. We combine our industry expertise with IT and digital sustainability consulting services, intellectual property (IP) solutions, frameworks and accelerators, and our partner ecosystem to help clients optimize their strategies and operations. 

As such, we’re honored to be recognized as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Sustainability Service Providers for IT, Q3 2023. According to Forrester, IT sustainability services are “related to environmental sustainability and carbon footprint reduction exclusively in the enterprise IT stack, covering IT in the workplace, IT development, and IT infrastructure.”

In its report, Forrester notes that, “CGI’s areas of expertise include ESG data management, governance, IT infrastructure, energy transition and digital sustainability advisory.” They also report that, “CGI provides comprehensive capabilities in carbon accounting, including analysis of broader areas such as carbon emissions across programs and projects, supply chain decarbonization, cloud optimization, risk scenario analysis tools and tools to optimize data centers.” 

Additionally, Forrester cites “CGI aims to improve the overall sustainability of clients' existing technology and uncover digital innovation through its Sustainability Exploration Environmental Data Science (SEEDS) program.”  

Sustainability Exploration Environmental Data Science program

Partnering with academic institutions and supported by the United Nations, CGI launched the SEEDS research program to bring together organizations and experts to develop ground-breaking low-carbon solutions and support the creation of new low-carbon business models. 

Within IT sustainability, the SEEDS program actively focuses on: 

  • Reducing emissions and waste from data centers: According to the International Energy Agency, data centers account for about 1% of global electricity use. 
  • Mitigating carbon impacts of software: The way software is designed, developed, and deployed can have a significant impact on energy consumption. 

Additional examples of how we help organizations advance their sustainability goals include:

  • Using green coding to develop climate-friendly software for a transport firm. Matkahuolto, a Finnish transport company, partnered with CGI to incorporate sustainable methods into their IT systems. This included optimizing the use of cloud capacity in accordance with green coding principles—methods minimizing the energy needed to process lines of code—thus, reducing capacity utilization by 10-30%. 
  • Assisting a large Scandinavian municipality in achieving green IT goals. In collaboration with the client, CGI experts researched and developed an improved model and strategies for advancing sustainability and cost-efficiency in the city-wide IT environment. 
  • Contributing to sustainable IT best practices in France, including a guide, Eco-design of digital services, driven by AFNOR and GR491: Handbook of Sustainable Design of Digital Services. CGI also received France’s Sustainable IT label. 

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CGI’s IT sustainability commitment

Our strategic priority on climate is focused on creating a more sustainable world. Central to our commitment is ensuring the responsible and environmentally conscious use of technology in our operations and in our client partnerships. Learn more about CGI’s ESG strategy.