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To help Uddeholm, a leading steel producer, we developed a powerful machine learning-based solution that helps to identify production errors, refine processes and improve profitability.

CGI Aromi Waste Manager reduces food waste for Finnish Armed Forces

The Generg Group has been building and operating renewable power plants in Portugal for over three decades. The group has a portfolio of 487MW in operation in Portugal, including 436MW of wind power, 33MW of hydroelectric power and 18MW of...

Read how CGI partnered with the world’s third largest wind energy company to deliver our digital Renewables Management System (RMS) that controls more than 6,000 turbines on nearly 300 wind farms in nine countries across three continents.

SmartTravel combines digital technologies such as mobility, gamification, big data analytics and travel mode detection to influence and reward driver behavior.

Iberwind is an energy company based and operating in Portugal, where it promotes, develops and operates renewable energy projects

As part of a Kiruna Sustainability Center initiative, the city and CGI created a proof of concept for the “Hidden City”. Using GPS-enabled data sources and GIS data from the city, visualized through augmented reality (AR), the city was able...

The City of Tampere conducted the STREETLIFE pilot project to make public transport a faster, more convenient and sustainable alternative to car travel. Tampere engaged CGI and Aalto University to create personalized, real-time services for transport system users, and smart...

A large amount of data and its smart analysis have resulted in smoother bus traffic, more satisfied passengers and benefits for the environment in Helsinki.