Credit unions

Improving your end-to-end banking processes

A partner to more than 100 credit unions, banks and trusts, CGI supports approximately 1.5 million end customers and manages more than 500 million bank transactions per year. Our core offerings—including integrated banking, customer relationship management, loan origination, and delinquency management solutions—enable clients to more effectively manage their deposits, lending, general ledgers and registered products.

We also serve as a custom gateway support provider to external channels, including Internet and telephone banking, settlement services, and card issuer and ATM/POS acquirer services, among others.

CGI offers three core retail banking offerings—HORIZON Financial Suite, RFS Retail Banking and Liberty Financial Software Suite—that deliver multi-channel, integrated functionality to streamline and automate clients' end-to-end banking processes.

  • HORIZON Financial Suite: Core retail bank system for managing all front- and back-office retail banking activities, including retail banking, customer relationship management, lending, collections and reporting.
  • RFS Retail Banking: Rich functionality to help you build your financial institution and effectively manage your cash dispensing, teller, online and call center banking activities.
  • Liberty Financial Software Suite: Robust and innovative software solutions for managing account and loan originations, customer financial profiles and online banking.

Backed by the know-how and support of our banking experts, HORIZON, RFS Retail Banking and Liberty enable clients to streamline operations, increase efficiency, improve customer service and drive top-line growth.

These industry-leading solutions also are complemented by CGI’s end-to-end IT services, including application, business consulting, infrastructure, outsourcing, systems integration and business process services.