Central market infrastructures

Keeping pace with accelerating change

In the face of new technologies, FinTech competition, increasing regulatory demands, start-up banks and changing customer demands, commercial banks aren’t the only ones looking to modernize—central market infrastructure providers are investing in modernization as well.

Critical to the clearance and settlement of financial transactions, as well as the movement of money to pay for them, central market infrastructures rely on secure and resilient systems and must evolve to address market changes. Keeping up with the accelerating pace of change is challenging, especially with legacy technology.

CGI has been building, implementing and operating complex, high-volume central market infrastructures for more than 30 years. Our experts assist not only in the design of new infrastructures, but in the design of the core systems that use them. Our work helps central market infrastructures benefit from lower operating costs, improved reliability and resilience, flexible and scalable technologies, and a reduction in the liquidity required to operate payment systems.

CGI’s end-to-end central market infrastructure services and solutions include:

  • High-end central market infrastructure business and technology consultancy
  • Design and development of next-generation infrastructures based on individual country requirements
  • Message and API design
  • Technology modernization
  • End-to-end payment services
  • Testing
  • Hosting