Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as we know it today is quickly evolving into the Intelligent Enterprise of the future.

That is just another challenge for federal agencies, which must continuously evolve their operations to keep pace with laws and mandates—as well as rapidly evolving technologies.

Modernization is never easy, and agency financial management leaders see the challenge from a unique perspective. Agencies make significant investments in ERP systems.  Federal financial management executives are in a unique position to make lasting changes—if they can get the most out of existing and new technology and leverage enterprise data to solve problems.

CGI is one of the federal market leaders in financial management with deep domain expertise in financial practices, policies, processes, systems and operations. This, combined with our application of industry best practices from our 5,000+ global financial management clients, enable us to solve complex problems without unnecessary experimentation.

SAP’s S/4HANA ERP is one of several vendor systems where CGI provides expertise. Agencies considering adoption of SAP S/4HANA to support their financial operations recognize the need for expert services to implement this new solution. Even agencies already leveraging the solution can benefit by engaging experts to help optimize its effectiveness.

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