Companies today that manage credit are seeking credit management solutions that drive efficiencies and reduce costs— all while improving the customer experience. This is a tall order for more traditional credit IT environments and solutions that depend on rules-based, siloed processes. Changing a process or an entire workflow requires changing system rules and potential re-coding, which, in turn, costs a significant amount of effort, time and money.

What is BPMN?

BPMN manages credit workflows and communications through an industry-standard flowcharting technique and visual modeling language. It’s used primarily to define and notate processes based on specific business requirements. By visually mapping steps and tasks, BPMN resolves ambiguities and simplifies the technical specifications of a process.

The benefits of BPMN

  • One common language

    Using BPMN, team members from across different disciplines can communicate with each other using a common language. BPMN provides an industry standardized approach for process mapping and management, which enables those external to a project to easily understand and follow along with the business logic presented.

  • Complex decisioning

    An approach similar to BPMN called decision model and notation (DMN) has been developed more recently for developing decision trees and rule tables. DMN is a notation tool for precisely specifying business decisions and rules. It’s a way to notate and implement complex rules with one or more input variables.

  • Automation

    Introducing automation through tools like BPMN enables workflow decisioning and document generation to occur without the need for human effort. Strategically automating credit processes across specific channels via user tasks that can be generated and tracked through BPMN results in streamlined performance and heightened efficiency.

CGI's use of BPMN

CGI is confronting the industry need for process automation head-on with the release of our next-generation credit management platform, CGI Credit Studio. Utilizing workflows modeled with BPMN, CGI Credit Studio leads to significant improvements to credit operations, including the following:

  • More efficient credit processes and user tasks
  • Improved process tracking and implementation
  • Optimized time and resources with streamlined language and automation

Contact us today to learn more about transforming your credit operations with CGI Credit Studio BPMN capabilities.