Digital transformation is the transition to a business model that uses digital technology to enable shared capabilities for collaboration and connectivity. CGI understands that well-managed, incremental transformation helps our clients innovate early and often. We serve as “innovation enablers” by providing assessments, roadmaps, adaptable architectures and accelerators. 

Key services for digital communities

  • Digital strategy and culture—assessing and prioritizing transformation approaches

  • User-centered design—creating collaboration, self-service and other platforms 

  • Digital insights—Integrating disparate data sources and analyzing large amounts of data 

  • IT modernization—Enabling business agility to meet evolving demands

  • Cybersecurity—Assessing risks, monitoring, preventing and business continuity.

  • Cloud enablement—Enabling cloud strategies and management of innovation projects

  • Data sharing—Developing platforms to bring together assets and data such as CGI IoT for Data Management

  • Transparency and accountability—Improving public sector operations with solutions like CGI Advantage® ERP and designing and developing user friendly portals