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Automate your safety data sheet content extraction

CGI's Safety Data Sheet Automation solution delivers value by automating data capture, discovering insights, and transforming business processes. We help organizations reduce the manual effort needed to review, extract, analyze, capture, and report safety data.

Drive business value from data

Employing advanced AI and ML technologies transforms unstructured and semi-structured document content into insightful business data.

End-to-end logical solution architecture

From data preparation to modeling the final outcomes, CGI PulseAI enables the automation of data capture from safety data sheets with our AI-driven hyper-automation platform. The solution is platform-agnostic, enabling seamless integration with your IT ecosystem.


Managed services and support

CGI offers this solution in a cloud-enabled SaaS model. We provide service management, application support, and application maintenance. Specific service components include ML, model training and tuning, exception handling, and performance monitoring.

Benefits that SDS Automation delivers

Significant reduction in manual effort

Automate the effort spent by chemists, toxicologists and industrial hygienists and significantly reduce cycle time by capturing data to view, extract, analyze and report. Employees are satisfied with improved efficiency and time to focus on higher value work.

Consistency and accuracy

Eliminate data silos and improve the consistency and accuracy of data captured across multiple business units or regions.

Enhanced business insights
Gain better business insights through more reliable, comprehensive, consistent, and accurate data.
Scalable and flexible
Integrate with any RPA tool or existing software and customize per your organization's requirements. The solution scales seamlessly to meet changing volumes.


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