The future comes fast. 2030, a year that would have seemed impossibly futuristic not so long ago, is just six years away. The pace of change is fast and accelerating. As technology advances, users of government services want faster, more seamless transactions. How will federal agencies harness the power of artificial intelligence, connected devices and other emerging technologies to transform government-to-constituent interactions?

In this episode of CGI Voices, federal government veteran Mary Davie—a former official at NASA and the General Services Administration—and Stefan Becker, CGI Federal Senior Vice President, sit down with former federal CTO Pete Tseronis to explore the possible….and what’s being done today to position us for the future.

Episode highlights:

Customer experience improves trust in government

Federal agencies face unique challenges in delivering the hyper-personalized interaction experiences that their constituents want. Stefan and Mary talk with Pete about the imperative for digital transformation and the application of emerging technologies to improve CX, making it easier to interact with the government.

Industry and other agencies want exemplary #CX, too

Stefan and Mary share examples of where the government is transforming #CX to improve government operations. GSA, for example, is making it easier for industry to do business with the government and for government buyers to procure the goods and services their agencies need through initiatives such as Multiple Award Schedule consolidation and Federal Acquisition Service Catalog Platform modernization.

A new age of public-private partnerships

Transforming government for 2030 and beyond also demands attention to business processes and even business models. NASA’s increased investment in public-private partnerships stands out, as increased reliance on commercial innovation has advanced the mission. Increasingly, agency leaders are more forward-thinking about using commercial best practices and new technologies to share information and collaborate across organizational and agency boundaries.

Episode chapters and timestamps

01:54 Ushering in the era of hyper-interaction with the government--and just what that means

6:13 Effective communications between government and its customers

10:47 A success story: The Federal Acquisition Service Catalog Platform

16:04 Looking to the future at NASA

18:34 Learning from the private sector

21:45 Taking the lead to create change

26:35 Parting shots