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Manufacturing Cloud transforms your sales channel

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud delivers a data model, custom object and new capabilities that close the gap in addressing "planned vs. actual" forecasting for run rate business. CGI has found that the out-of-the-box solution still needs customizations to address common use cases our customers are asking for.

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CGI was selected by Salesforce as a Manufacturing Cloud pre-launch partner. With CGI’s extensive manufacturing sector and Salesforce delivery expertise, our clients can receive the benefits of Salesforce innovation in a partner they can trust. Through our Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud accelerator, we help your business with the following:


Get core manufacturing cloud configuration for sales agreements, account forecasting, process automation, data migration, and more.


Grow your Manufacturing Cloud footprint with consulting support to implement Einstein Analytics, forecasts, process builder enhancements, ERP integration, and more.

Grow for the future

Mature your Manufacturing Cloud implementation with analytics, dashboards, process automation, and third party integration.


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