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Eric Thibodeaux

Advancing public services: The impact of Software-as-a-Service in state and local government

2024-02-08 In the ever-evolving realm of technology solutions for the public sector, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud solutions have emerged as a transformative tool, offering efficient and secure Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) options.

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Jimmy Schatte

The secret to delivering the best citizen services and advancing your mission

2024-02-06 State and local governments face a perplexing challenge. Year after year, they are asked to deliver more value and better services to citizens; however, change is slow, and recruiting skilled talent can be an uphill battle.

Bob Barr, CGI Federal
Bob Barr

A strategic guide to unlocking funding for transformational initiatives

2023-12-19 Organizations have several options for structuring financial arrangements with industry partners, each with strengths, weaknesses and best use-cases.

Bob Barr, CGI Federal
Bob Barr

Why emotion is the key to a great customer experience—even in tax administration

2023-12-15 Keys to successful transformation: Understanding who the customers are, the scope of their experiences and what makes an experience "great."

Kimberly Hoke, CGI Federal
Kimberly Hoke

Four keys for environmental regulatory collaboration

2023-11-09 The EPA works with state, tribal and municipal co-regulators to enforce environmental regulations and improve the health of our communities. This collaborative model enables multi-tiered enforcement, but it presents challenges in determining the best way to implement technology.

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Jennifer Ricker

Why government organizations should embrace AI to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and overcome workforce shortages

2023-08-11 Government organizations can leverage artificial intelligence and automation to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and overcome workforce shortages.

Bob Barr, CGI Federal
Bob Barr

Cross-channel personalization: A tax administrator’s dream

2023-05-17 Start at the beginning Earlier in this series, I described the demographic dilemma facing tax administrators: five different generations in the tax-paying public, each with its own comfort level with technology. Serving these generations and engaging with them via easy-to-use...

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Anna Gervasoni

The onramp to digital transformation: Digitizing paper documents for efficient data management

2023-05-10 Public and private sector organizations face a daunting outlook when considering their digital transformation journey; they must consider the decades’ worth of paper documents currently stored in boxes, claiming immense amounts of real estate. In addition, as hybrid work models...

Bob Barr, CGI Federal
Bob Barr

Should the IRS offer free direct filing?

2023-05-01 Read part two of this series Passed roughly eight months ago, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 introduces approximately $500 billion in new spending and tax breaks that will help the country invest in clean energy technology, reduce healthcare costs...