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Ryan Patrick Parker

Want to achieve health equity? Start by eliminating data bias

June 6, 2022 Although data and knowledge of the disproportionate application and access to health amongst minority populations are well known, data regarding the impact of the virus on exacerbating health disparities wasn’t immediately available.

Using your best guess, what proportion of data-driven decision-making in your enterprise is focused on reducing errors and what proportion on identifying value-creating innovations? In today’s reality, where change is accelerating, digital leaders recognize the need to sense and respond...

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Joshua Jorgensen

The importance of equitable data science

March 15, 2022 One of the most important things we can do is help our communities - it is key to remember that there is a data science community. Today’s big topic is about ensuring equitability for all. As a society, it is...

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Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha

Cloud modernization strategies quintessential for business transformation

February 21, 2022 Have you, despite your best efforts, ever fallen for the transformation-type of home improvement shows on television? It is difficult to ignore what they have to offer. A miraculous feat is accomplished within an hour with a small crew. A...

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The myth of the single pane of glass

February 16, 2022 Nearly every organization in the world, from state and local governments to multi-national corporations, is executing or planning its hybrid cloud or multi-cloud journey. As part of this endeavor, many business and IT leaders look at the future state complexity...

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Mayank Bhargava

Plan. Transform. Manage. A Framework for Your Cloud Transformation Journey

February 14, 2022 The cloud holds vast promise for businesses and organizations, offering a wide range of potential strategic and operational benefits of adopting the cloud and becoming a truly digital organization. While some risks are present, we believe that we can build...

John Zak
John Zak

Leading a digital transformation, but to what?

October 6, 2021 Learning to behave in new ways takes practice, and that means inevitable failures. In many organizations, it feels like failures and mistakes are unacceptable. As a leader, you have to make your failures visible and make them okay. If this...