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This whitepaper is co-presented by CGI, Salesforce, and Stezy. Salesforce, the global CRM leader, empowers companies of every size and industry to digitally transform and create a 360° view of their customers. is the world’s first do it yourself...

Hudson Sutherland
William H. "Hudson" Sutherland

Key considerations in choosing blockchain

November 19, 2020 It’s important to identify the tradeoffs and features of the various blockchain options available to your organization. There are several choices to make, and they can be difficult.

The premise that blockchain has the potential to redistribute markets and redefine the entire economy is one that is widely shared today. Take a look at our whitepaper to find out if blockchain technology in the utility industry is an...

Venkat Kodumudi

How blockchain, CRM and trade finance are transforming supply chain management

December 18, 2019 There’s an odd expression that is used when there is, perhaps, shocking news or a sudden realization. A person might say that “it hit them like a Mack truck.” Often times, this figurative phrase has a negative connotation, but in...

We see organizations looking to the benefits of blockchain to promote trust in accuracy of data and transactions, increase business efficiencies, and reduce risk by eliminating fraud. CGI helps organizations harness the power of blockchain technology across industry segments, bringing...

Nancy Amert
Nancy Amert

The blockchain bowling alley: How distributed ledger technology goes mainstream

July 28, 2018 Many technologies have come and gone over the past decades. Some were hyped concepts that flopped (beenz, anyone?). Others that started from humble beginnings became ubiquitous. While every technology faces its own adoption trajectory, the majority go through fairly predictable...

Sean Curry
Sean Curry

Blockchain: Should federal agencies use it?

July 2, 2018 Blockchain is an information storage and transmission technology for data and transactions that uses a secure, distributed ledger and is valued for its potential to generate cost savings. The term “blockchain” comes from how transactions are stored.