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Geoffrey Lash

Commercial client onboarding as a competitive advantage

2024-04-10 Financial institutions constantly grapple with how to simplify their onboarding process without compromising compliance and risk management principles. Significant profit and improved reputational opportunities can arise from reducing the complexity and resource/process-intensive nature of onboarding. CGI’s experience with global financial...

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Eliza Lott

Financial services guardrails for AI explainability, ethics and trust

2024-02-23 For centuries the financial services sector has pioneered enhanced services and engaging customer experiences (CX) through innovation. In its growing popularity, artificial intelligence (AI) is further revolutionizing the industry with advancements in machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing...

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Michael Orefice

Cloud-native solutions bring hidden upside for CFOs

2023-06-22 In the last 30 years, technology has become an integral and inseparable part of the business ecosystem, but measuring the return on investment for much of the spending has become nearly impossible. For Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), the game may...

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Financial Services

Making sustainability a differentiator in global trade finance (part 2)

2021-06-01 This CGI blog post discusses three key motives driving sustainability in finance.

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Financial Services

Making sustainability a differentiator in global trade finance (part 1)

2021-04-28 This CGI blog post discusses making sustainability a differentiator in global trade finance.

Andy Schmidt
Andy Schmidt

Listening to the voice of our clients: Retail banks continue to reinvent their business models through digitization

2021-04-09 This CGI blog post discusses the ongoing work of retail banks in digitizing their business models.

John Jensen
John Jensen

The COVID Recovery’s Uncertain Path and the Way Forward for Banks

2020-09-28 Things are getting better for banks’ clients – well, at least for some of them. Unemployment in August dropped to 8.4 percent in the U.S., down from a pandemic-driven high of 14.7 percent in April. This is good news, and...

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Andy Schmidt

Examining the future of retail bank branches post pandemic

2020-09-28 This CGI blog post discusses the future of the traditional retail bank branch once the COVID 19 pandemic ends.

Andy Schmidt
Andy Schmidt

Adapting lending in a time of crisis to alleviate customer hardship and bank pressures

2020-06-21 The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financial industry far exceeds anything we have seen in our lifetime. Record unemployment, voluminous requests for hardship support, and the likelihood that loan defaults will significantly increase. Along with higher net...