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Tailored specifically to your agency’s needs, Momentum as a Service is a proven, built-for-federal ERP solution providing numerous benefits, such as rapid provisioning, lower operating expense and more affordable software upgrades. This results-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) balances client needs for pricing, flexibility and functionality. All sustainment and infrastructure services are included. Additional benefits include improved efficiency, software standardization and predictable outlay.

Momentum as a Service provides:

  • A pay-on-consumption SaaS model with multi-tenant, pre-configured and sharable options or a choice for a separate instance should your agency desire autonomy

  • A “personalized” application with only the functionality your agency needs

  • A “single pane of glass” view for spend, service availability, performance, security and compliance postures, as well as aggregated billing and chargeback across cloud and legacy IT assets. Greater asset utilization is achieved through automation and software standardization. Standardization helps reduce or even eliminate downtime and the resulting financial consequences.

  • Combined strength in IT services and cloud delivery, providing a transparent solution for managing hybrid IT environments

  • Software upgrades released at regular intervals per contract terms to ensure federal mandates are employed. Upgrade test outcomes are reviewed by agency control boards for approval.

  • Standard federal integrations and financial reporting templates maintained by CGI

  • A holistic security approach for all IT services and assets. Deploy your sensitive workloads with confidence while simultaneously complying with strict standards.

Organizations find themselves budget constrained as they manage legacy system operations and maintenance costs, while simultaneously preparing for and responding to ever-increasing cyber threat outlay. As legacy systems age and as emerging technology evolves, agencies face increasing risk exposure that creates strain on IT budgets and resources.

Momentum as a Service pricing benefits agencies by reducing risk with predictable spend for software services and management, allowing agencies to focus on providing service to constituents.