Increased scrutiny of the cost of government services places great demand on the public sector to produce measurable results.

Purpose-designed for government, CGI Advantage PB provides the information needed to measure goals and invest in the future by delivering measurable results as an integrated part of real-time budget formulation, analysis, reporting, and monitoring.

CGI Advantage ERP solutions support unique government needs

Designed specifically for the business of government, CGI Advantage PB centralizes the budgeting life cycle, including budget formulation, salary and benefits forecasting, budget book publishing, and performance management and dashboards for visual, interactive reporting. The result is an accurate, single source of information that streamlines the government budgeting process and delivers real-time access to budget and actual information for improved analysis, funding decisions and performance measurement.

Flexibility to meet government needs

We offer our government clients unmatched flexibility and choice in how CGI Advantage PB is delivered. An integral component of our CGI Advantage ERP suite, CGI Advantage PB integrates with other ERP solutions and sources. CGI Advantage PB provides a scalable and proven architecture that can be provided as a managed service or Software as a Service (SaaS) option.

CGI Advantage Performance Budgeting benefits

CGI Advantage PB supports all budget cycle activities from budget preparation to enactment, providing significant benefits in performance budgeting:

  • A single point of entry for reduced data entry
  • Access to historical, budget and actual expenditures and revenues for modeling and forecasting
  • Streamlined budget review processes with configurable workflow for agency, department and executive requests and reviews
  • Versioning and auditing on request for quick reconciliation of changes
  • Ability to easily and quickly access relevant data, including real-time calculation and consolidation of data through reports and ad-hoc queries
  • Budget book publishing capability