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State and local governments need comprehensive, flexible human resource management (HRM) systems to address critical operational functions, support multigenerational stakeholders with ever-rising expectations and comply with changing regulations and union mandates. However, many HRM solutions can be labor-intensive and lack required government functionality, resulting in delayed payrolls, incorrect paycheck calculations, retroactive adjustments and inflexible benefit plans.

CGI solves this challenge with CGI Advantage HRM, a web-based human resources, payroll and benefits administration solution built exclusively for government, minimizing customization to reduce total cost of ownership.

CGI Advantage HRM combines modern technology and configurable government business applications to streamline HR processes from hire to retire. It eliminates redundant data entry, simplifies administrative processing, improves data accuracy and security, and empowers employees and managers.

CGI Advantage HRM benefits

State and local governments using CGI Advantage HRM are better able to manage their workforce, enabling:

  • Streamlined HR processes and lower costs
  • Reduced data entry redundancy
  • Improved support for workforce-related decisions via flexible reporting and dashboards
  • Reduced pay cycle time with comprehensive timekeeping and the ability to automatically calculate sophisticated payments
  • Controlled access to sensitive information with a flexible role-based security model
  • Streamlined administrative activities via self-service portals, on-line access to employee data and powerful forms with automated workflow and approvals
  • Attraction, management and retention of employees with recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance and succession functionality
  • Improved alignment of strategic human resources with organizational goals