If your organization is challenged with cost-effectively modernizing, rationalizing and stabilizing your ERP system, CGI’s Cloud and Hybrid Services is the solution you need. Cloud and Hybrid Services offer unmatched flexibility for reducing costs and deferring spend as well as mitigating risk in actualizing the benefits of CGI's built-for-government ERP solution, CGI Advantage ERP.

With Cloud and Hybrid Services, CGI takes responsibility for execution during both implementation and ongoing operations, while you retain overall control and direction. You gain single-party accountability from CGI for all CGI Advantage ERP software, services application management and hosting (optional), backed by tangible service commitments. Also available in the Cloud and Hybrid Services program is the ability to use the CGI Advantage cloud platform. The CGI Advantage cloud expedites the provisioning and scaling of infrastructure and applications and reduces total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain costly hardware and software.

Key benefits

  • Mitigate implementation risk, technical staffing needs and interdependencies

  • Defer initial modernization spend over the course of the engagement

  • Gain ready access to ERP expertise and timely deployment of new software capabilities with long-term cost predictability

  • Stay current with technology via new releases applied on a prescribed basis that you still manage

  • Achieve total standardization, operational best practices, governance and continuous improvements, while reaping the benefits of CGI’s economies of scale and leveraged workforce

  • Increase transparency and accountability through service delivery metrics designed around your organization’s specific operations and business objectives