Driven by federal policy direction, demand for better citizen services and constant budget pressures, agencies face a growing call to modernize government systems and drive innovation at a faster rate than ever before. To support mission and business objectives at this accelerated pace, agencies are adopting agile practices that deliver greater team efficiency, higher software quality and increased customer satisfaction. Agile coaching is a critical factor in advancing successful transformation initiatives. 

Aligning agile with client missions

The organizational switch to an agile mindset and culture is often most successful when facilitated by a third party. According to The 11th Annual State of Agile™ Report released in 2017, over 52% of respondents identified the use of agile coaches as the best way to successfully scale agile to meet the needs of the organization. 

CGI's agile coaches facilitate improved collaboration between all facets of the organization—including IT team members and business stakeholders—with a focus on building long-lasting, in-house client communities of practice as part of the agile transformation process. As client teams absorb and apply the expert guidance of our coaches, clients can realize benefits of more modern development practices and faster time-to-market. 

CGI agile coaching services at a glance

  • Transformation guidance & support
  • General agile trainings
  • SAFe® certification trainings
  • CGI AgileIQ Suite™ training
  • Tools assessment & recommendations
  • Agile delivery support

Why CGI?

CGI is a SAFe-certified, gold-level partner with more than 40 years of strategic consulting and operational experience across all business sectors. The support of CGI’s federal agile experts is complemented by a global network of CGI technical experts who have implemented cloud, data and enterprise resource planning solutions and who understand how to operate and optimize an agile workforce.