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Fueling collaboration and informed decision-making in healthcare

With healthcare shifting to virtual care, accelerating the adoption of digital transformation strategies and tools such as interactive devices and dashboards has continued to rise. Data analytics is no exception. While the healthcare industry has always collected and analyzed patient data, the push from digital transformation has opened the door for healthcare providers, and companies can use what they've learned to drive long-term improvements and build resiliency and adaptability into operations.

From forecasting to further advancing digitization and telehealth to building resiliency in supply chains and improving patient outcomes, healthcare analytics has paved the way for a new, more responsive healthcare system.

Advancing quality healthcare with data and analytics

Our team works with health organizations to transform their analytics approach to:

  • Increase operational efficiency, forecast and manage resources, and enhance quality and access to healthcare.
  • Achieve situational awareness and intelligence.
  • Improve processes to proactively identify improper payments and identify claims with high-recovery potential.
  • Leverage structured and unstructured data to support care transitions, planning, and clinical decision-making.
  • Identify the need for operational changes and analyze the effects across a healthcare organization after implementation.


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Strategy development

We partner with organizations to create a digital strategy roadmap that makes sense of data, takes it out of silos, and puts it to work to help you make better decisions.

Data operationalization

We help you gain quick access to the data you need to address business issues by automating data capture and implementing interactive dashboards and technologies.

Build insight-driven solutions and ecosystems

Advance data-driven decisions that improve outcomes, reduce costs, and drive process efficiencies. For example, we use RPA and AI to improve workflow and productivity.

Design, leverage, and implement AI and ML

We can help uncover non-obvious relationships and patterns buried in the data to provide new perspectives and to accelerate processes such as procurement and finance, for example.

Performance benchmarking

We use data analytics and AI/machine learning to establish benchmarks and metrics to measure incremental success and added value.

Continuous improvement and capacity building

We use machine learning to continuously learn from historical data and user decisions. In this way, we enable you to further optimize processes, insights, and recommendations.

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