Michael Hardy

Michael Hardy

Manager, CGI Federal

The CGI Federal blog has become an important source of expert insights on technology and management issues important to federal agencies. Over the past few years our expert consultants have shared their thinking on cloud, Agile, federal procurement, data sharing, healthcare and a host of other topics. 

We published 31 blogs in 2022, providing perspectives for our clients, other federal agency leaders and managers and the public. Below are our Top five most-read blogs of the year. 



Harnessing the power of data visualization to drive transformation, by Norbert Howard

Some data is useful only if people can make sense of it. Machines can crunch the numbers in lengthy spreadsheets quickly, but humans cannot. Norbert Howard, in CGI Federal's Management Consulting practice, offered some guidance on turning data into user-friendly charts and graphics in this post from February.


How data can help ease homelessness, by Sourabh Pawar

Homelessness brings to mind images of sufferingpeople in threadbare coats shivering in their sleep on a city sidewalk, or a desperate mother begging for change. The concept of "data" might seem unrelated, but in fact, data holds a key to easing the suffering. Sourabh Pawar explained how the federal Emergency Housing Voucher Program can provide shelter to those without, but the processes involved in managing and administering the program demand current and accurate data. 


Data sharing: Playing for all the marbles, by Gary Jackson

close up game of marbles

The children's game of marbles provides an apt metaphor for data sharing techniques and mindset, wrote Gary Jackson in March. A key observation: Leaving the “shooter marble” (main data asset) in the circle as data at rest—with no need for anyone to download, modify or change it—allows one to chase after mission objectives without opening up intellectual property. Sharing data remains a challenge for federal agencies, but the key challenges are more likely to be cultural than technological. Gary's thoughts may help ease the need to "play for keeps."


Leaping above federal cloud transformation hurdles, by Paresh Patel and Danny John

The success of a cloud transformation—and the ability of an agency to optimize its cloud investments at scale—depends on multiple factors. Lacking focus on these factors, agencies may fail to achieve their hybrid IT/cloud objectives at scale. In this piece, Paresh Patel and Danny John offer their insights into best practices that help agencies clear common hurdles to cloud transformation success.


The power of sight: How total asset visibility secures the supply chain, by Chris Hetman

Achieving total asset visibility is a significant accomplishment for supply chain management, However, TAV has the potential to be much more than that. Think of TAV as business process visibility, advises Chris Hetman—a window into operational parameters to inform decision-making at any given point.

More to come

You can read any of our U.S. Federal blogs here. Stay tuned in 2023, as we will bring you even more expert insight, timely guidance and best practices borne of our experience, in blogs, videos and podcasts.  


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Michael Hardy

Michael Hardy

Manager, CGI Federal

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