Todd Schuerhoff is a seasoned executive with over 29 years of leadership, prominently shaping the landscape of immigration technology within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

As a Vice President at CGI Federal, Mr. Schuerhoff is a driving force in the digital transformation of the    U.S. immigration system and currently serves as the Technical Program Manager for the Records Management Support Services (RMSS) contract at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS). With a specific focus on immigration modernization, he led the implementation of several modernization initiatives, most notably, USCIS’ cloud-based digital records platform.

Mr. Schuerhoff’s leadership is most evident on the Immigrant Visa Modernization (IVm) Program, an initiative that enabled complete automation and electronic processing of immigrant visas, a significant milestone that aligns seamlessly with DHS’s and the Department of State’s missions for modernization.

Across the industry, Mr. Schuerhoff continues to be recognized for his outstanding contributions in federal contracting and advancing government missions. He was a recipient of the 2023 ACT-IAC Innovation Impact Award, the 2021 Service to Citizen Award for the Digitization of the H1-B Application, as well as several USCIS’ Director’s Awards for Innovation, most recently, for his work on the Southwest Border Digital A-File Initiative. 

Mr. Schuerhoff’s unwavering dedication to immigration technology underscores his commitment to advancing solutions critical for a secure and efficient immigration system.