Philip van Sickel

Philip is an experienced agile transformation consultant to enterprises of all sizes and in several industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. He has led multiple transformations using the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) and is a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer. His focus is on building an agile enterprise, as opposed to an enterprise of agile teams. He is passionate about helping organizations achieve breakthrough performance based on applying lean, agile and DevOps principles to their endeavors.

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Is your business ready to be agile? A closer look at business agility maturity

December 22, 2020 Agile practices have been around for close to three decades. They started in the IT industry, but are now a key skillset used in marketing, HR, R&D and even in the boardroom. A new term is being coined called business agility, or the ability of a business to respond rapidly to market forces and new ...

The U.S. Constitution is a lean and agile framework for government

September 10, 2020 When I am not studying businesses and working to encourage lean and agile principles, I read history and study the various forms of government societies have experimented with.  Though politics is always a dangerous field to tread in I thought it would be fun to examine how the American experiment ...

Conducting lean and agile planning at scale in a completely virtual world

April 22, 2020 Many agile IT initiatives are going on right now to improve systems that support the front lines of fighting this pandemic, and the economic challenges that come with it. So, how can these efforts move forward most effectively in a virtual world?