As technology advances at an unprecedented rate, government organizations are tasked with analyzing and consuming increasing amounts of data. While this task can be complex and stressful, it doesn’t have to be. With CGI Advantage Insight, your organization will gain increased visibility, proactive decision support, and real-time feedback through a variety of data visualization options.

Visualize information, identify trends, and efficiently interact with your data through powerful, dynamic dashboards

  • Advanced analytics: Assist your organization with data analysis, trends identification, and decision support utilizing robust, dynamic dashboards providing unmatched interactivity.
  • Configurable inquiries: Define, interact with, and share on-the-go visualizations using a guided experience that increases efficiency and data comprehension.
  • Traditional reporting: Meet statutory reporting requirements with configurable, user-friendly row and column reports.

Your partner now and in the future

CGI Advantage Insight will help your organization improve data transparency, simplify analysis, and provide proactive decision support. Whether you need tools to create dynamic dashboards or an easy way to create analytics on-the-go, CGI supports your reporting needs through a robust technology suite and a focus on continuous innovation.