CGI Advantage Academy is a comprehensive, scalable solution that delivers the training you can count on with a flexible, intuitive user experience. Developed by CGI subject matter experts with more than 20 years of CGI Advantage experience, the CGI Advantage Academy is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution with learning tracks available for all CGI Advantage modules.

CGI Advantage Academy provides a unified approach to training for both clients and CGI members, resulting in better prepared client project teams and learning opportunities for both seasoned and new CGI Advantage users. Furthermore, the breadth and depth of each curriculum allows clients to increase self-sufficiency when using and supporting the CGI Advantage solution.

With curriculums structured for continuous learning, new employees will ramp up quickly, and experienced users can ensure they are up-to-date on the latest and greatest features. Organizations and learners will benefit from:

  • The only training solution for CGI Advantage built by government ERP experts
  • Purpose-built curriculums for a variety of experience levels
  • The ability to assign required or optional training and monitor course completions
  • An intuitive user experience that simplifies learning and streamlines enablement