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The energy transition is a technological, cultural and organizational sea change—and data is the means by which utilities can solve the foundational challenges of the transition.

The new Win-Win-Win for Utilities, Customers and Regulators Like all other industries, customer expectations are changing for utilities (as referenced in our prior blog: End of the ”good old” days...

Engaging with customers was not a priority for utilities in the past because the risk of losing them was low. However, a growing number of progressive utility leaders have a...

the acceleration of the energy transition and digitalization, coupled with continuous and profound regulatory changes, is altering conventional roles and profiles, causing the business models of traditional incumbents to evolve...

Love him or hate him, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is doing something remarkable. Last season, at 40, he became the oldest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl...

Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 1): Why are utilities playing catch-up in the race to digitally transform?

Ana Domingues Ana Domingues


Becoming a digital organization continues to gain momentum across all industries, with most organizations at the tipping point of transformation.

Is blockchain a solution for your organization? Depends on the problem

Steve Smith Steve Smith


This blog offers suggestions for how to cut through the noise to know if blockchain is the solution for an organization’s problem.

What personal health strategies can teach us about utility asset health (part 1)

Dave Powers Dave Powers


Studies on corporate wellness programs have shown that companies that proactively focus on improving employee health and well-being see significant benefits including a reduction in lost work days and employee...

OT-IT convergence brings opportunities and risk

cybersecurity practice CGI’s Cybersecurity Practice


Operational technology (OT) or industrial control systems (ICS) are responsible for keeping the power on and water and gas flowing to support essential services for consumers, industry and governments. As...