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Not too long ago while attending a tech conference in Las Vegas, I struck up a conversation with my tablemate who said he worked in the financial services industry as...

Admittedly, this sentiment isn’t always seen as a good thing from the business interest of a project. The “new stuff” is likely not battle-tested or a known quantity – our...

Any shift to a new IT architecture is difficult. Migrating to a hybrid cloud may be one of the most challenging moves, given the vast number of legacy processes and...

At the turn of the 20th century, automating factory processes at scale was considered emerging technology. And it was revolutionary: bringing goods and services that had once been out of...

In my last blog post, I introduced ACT-IAC’s Blockchain Playbook for the U.S. federal government, drafted by a collaborative team of industry and government leaders. As part of the team...

Why cloud migration is still hard for federal agencies

John Nemoto
John Nemoto

The cloud is everywhere. Every organization is either in it, moving to it or considering how to get to it. With the ongoing push for digital transformation, many federal agencies...

Key considerations in cloud-based federal records management

Martin Heinrich
Martin Heinrich

As cloud computing continues to become more of an IT staple than a trend, government agencies are increasingly committing their critical information, such as e-mail and official records, to cloud-based...

Hybrid IT fuels digital transformation

Oliver Harasaki
Oliver Harasaki

Over the past several years, cloud services have become an integral part of enterprise IT. As a result, organizations now expect more flexibility and speed when implementing their business models...

How to set up your multi-source integrator (MSI) for success

Bernard DeLisi
Bernard De Lisi

As IT delivery evolves from an on-premises model to a hybrid model combining cloud and traditional IT, organizations are using a variety of sourcing approaches, from full outsourcing to multisourcing...

Agile infrastructure is a prerequisite for digital transformation

Dr. Rahul Ghodke
Dr. Rahul Ghodke

This blog introduces three phases to establishing an agile Digital Infrastructure Platform, and focuses on the first phase: automation of the operation of traditional legacy infrastructure.