In this paper, Information Services Group (ISG) and CGI’s Mayank Bhargava discuss the factors that go into developing a successful cloud strategy.

A fully realized cloud architecture can deliver for a company’s business objectives, but many organizations fail to fully realize the goals they are pursuing. That gap can be attributed to issues like trouble migrating complex applications, a failure to secure their systems, or wasted spending. Whatever the direct cause, there is a significant difference between transforming into a cloud architecture and fully optimizing a cloud architecture.

A strategy that starts early, and takes into account FinOps, DevSecOps, maturity models, outside expertise, and accelerator tools can help companies ensure their move to cloud is not a lateral effort. There is no such thing as “too early” when it comes to plotting an architecture – strategies deployed at the pre-planning stages pay off dividends through each subsequent stage of cloud development, as companies work through building, migrating, securing and managing their clouds.

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