Our business outcome led approach to Digital Transformation allows us to identify the right, executable solutions that are clearly connected to business priorities and value. Value Analysis — confirming digital return on investment Our approach starts by conducting Value Analysis to identify expected returns/ targeted outcomes to be achieved by your organisation. This can be shaped around a value chain and by building value trees to measure economic value. This stage would typically overlay existing lead and lag Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), checking to see if measurement is focused on the right things. Business Imperatives — confirming what needs to be done to achieve the strategic plan Through a series of structured interviews with senior stakeholders, we establish and verify key strategic imperatives and priorities. This is an important step as it enables your senior team to agree the focus areas on what “needs to be done well” to support the strategy and objectives of your organisation going forward. Customer Journey Analysis — confirming key friction points across the customer journey Our approach to Customer Journey Analysis captures key inputs through running customer journey interviews with nominated service line personnel. These candidates for interview will be identified by the senior stakeholders in the initial value and imperative interview(s). These interviews enable us to capture the as-is customer journey across all available channels, map out the to-be journeys and assess the capability gaps, including people, process and technology factors to shift contact through digital channels. Information Landscape — confirming the critical information needed to support decision making Forming the bridge between the target outcomes/priorities and execution is the role of information. We focus on defining the critical information needed to achieve the key strategic priorities and unlock the social and economic value set out earlier in the engagement. Implementation Roadmap — establishing what needs to be done to enable Digital Transformation By completing the outlined digital strategy approach, you will be provided with a Digital Strategy & Implementation Roadmap detailing the recommended path to adopt. It is clear that organisations face a range of options when seeking to digitise their businesses, therefore, selecting the right mix of solutions, that results in the intended outcomes being met, is the key challenge.