According to our the 2021 CGI Voice of Our Clients, more executives report that digitization is having a high impact on their business.

Additionally, 84% say they are evolving their business model as a result of digitization. Yet, only 20% of executives we interviewed are seeing results from their digital strategies, compared to 16% last year.

When looking at the group of digital leaders who are seeing the best results from their digital strategies, 32% of executives say they have a very agile IT supply chain, compared to 18% of those who say they are building or launching their digital strategies.


Common attributes of enterprises producing higher digital results


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Creating a better future for all

We are privileged to work with our clients around the world, experiencing first-hand their tremendous resolve to meet the needs of their customers, citizens, employees and communities.

From digitizing urban farming to drive sustainability, to using secure satellite navigation to protect people from fraud, to building a virtual energy ecosystem to reduce carbon emissions, watch how, together, we use technology to support the vital workings of society and create a better future for all.