On Tuesday, 29th April, Graham Hainsworth, Director Consulting Services Water Sector at CGI UK will present alongside Eddie Wrigley, Innovation Facilitator at Northumbrian Water Group, at the SMi Smart Water Systems conference in west London.

The presentation entitled “Project Barnacle – A Smart Solution for Monitoring the Water Supply in Customers’ Homes” tells the story of how the concept of Barnacle - a domestic smart device capable of detecting potential issues in water supply and raise alerts before the customer is even aware there′s a problem - was developed at the Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival 2018, from brainstormed idea to prototype in only five days, through Design Sprint methodology.

The Design Sprint, facilitated by CGI, looked at ways to use Smart technology to help change and improve customers′ lives. Its outcome, Project Barnacle was one of the five projects, out of thirteen Design Sprints, that Northumbrian Water Group chose to progress and make a reality.

Join us at SMi Smart Water Systems conference on 29th April.