CGI’s Communications sector expert, Andrew Palmer was interviewed by to discuss the impact of 5G on the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) market.

The article focusing on the opportunities and challenges that the 5G networks will create, tackles the question of how operators and MVNOs could take advantage of the new business models that will be generated.

5G could allow more network operators to launch their own MVNOs, like Vodafone, which has launched an in-house MVNO called Voxi, as well as O2’s GiffGaff and Three’s Smarty. Operator MVNOs could be more prevalent with 5G, as the ‘network of networks’ will be able to support almost any access technology as well as introduce the disruptive concept of neutral hosting partnerships between local authorities and other private investors.

This neutral hosting concept would allow the Operators to connect their existing communications networks to shared infrastructure in an urban environment and then ‘lease’ the space on that infrastructure and access technologies, thereby becoming a 5G MVNO of sorts.

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