Every organization has a multitude of routine tasks that it always performs the same way, day after day. These tasks are often so routine that you do not even associate them with workflow automation.

Typical examples include transferring data between systems and customer service tasks performed by different employees. These tasks often take just a couple of minutes of time, and their cumulative effect often goes unnoticed.

Rondo Workflow Automation automates these routine tasks to drive efficiencies and cost savings. You can use it, for example, to confirm customer orders, manage a tenant’s report of a lost key or mark a project management task as manager marks a task as billable.

 CGI's Rondo Workflow- to boost efficiencies and save costs.

Client benefits

  • Streamline processes and automate routines
  • Add unlimited workflow processes for different uses
  • Process documents quickly and easily
  • Easily detect and address issues 
  • Integrate with other workflow systems